Oil and Gas

Control and Safety Systems

RSI Global initially built its reputation on the ability to provide quality and extremely reliable control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry. We have successfully completed projects for virtually all of the major companies in the oil and gas industry and have demonstrated a willingness to work with independent oil and gas companies, whose needs and budgets differ greatly from the majors.

Major equipment providers and other topside contractors have also come to rely upon our expertise to provide them with controls for Reciprocating Compressors, Separators, Pump Packages, Chemical Injection Packages, Hydraulic Power Units, Subsea Tieback Systems, and LACT units. Initial well testing organizations utilize our control and safety systems throughout the world for monitoring of their temporary equipment.

With the advent over the past several years of the new breed of intelligent well tools and the corresponding need for control, periodic testing, and strict documentation required for these tools, RSI Global has been in the forefront of the conceptual development of these controls. Our systems are now in service in over a dozen countries providing reliable control, unerring accuracy in testing and trending for documentation purposes. Other bottom hole contractors that rely upon a thorough and precise test before putting their down hole tools into service utilize our expertise in designing and installing testing systems for test bays on a global scale. RSI Global has truly moved beyond the traditional supply of controls for SCSSV’s and well panels, while continuing to place a high value on clients who request the universally trusted style of control panel.

Whether the specific need requires pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, combination or PLC based controls within the oil and gas industry, RSI Global can provide the expertise necessary to remain in compliance with codes and standards, such as ATEX and others, in place anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Recognition

RSI Global has worked successfully with virtually all major companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as many independents.